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Determination and correlation of solubilities of ivermectin in alcohol and alcohol-water mixture


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Determination and correlation of solubilities of ivermectin in alcohol and alcohol-water mixture
Xu Hongxia1Jiang Linkun12Wang Lisheng2
1.Wuhai Institute,Inner Mongolia University of Technology Wuhai 016000,China; 2.School of Chemical Engineering and Environment,Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing 100081,China
ivermectin solubilities equilibrium method correlation Apelblat equation
In order to provide basic data of solvent selection and temperature control of purification in catalytic hydrogenation of avermectin to ivermectin process,the solubilities of ivermectin in methanol(293.15~333.15 K),alcohol(293.15~343.15 K),water-methanol mixture(293.15~333.15 K),and water-alcohol mixture(293.15~343.15 K)are experimentally determined by the equilibrium method.The experimental results are correlated with mathematic models such as polynomial empirical equation,the ideal solution equation,and Apelblat equation,respectively.The results show that the solubilities of ivermectin in two alcohol-water systems increase with the temperature; the solubility of ivermectin in the methanol-water solvent system decreases with the the increase of water content at the same temperature,and in the ethanol-water solvent system,the solubility of ivermectin in 85% ethanol solution reaches a maximum.Each of the equations describes the above systems successfully,the correlation coefficients are above 98%.The Apelblat equation is the best to correlate the solubility data.Results of experiments and correlations can be used for the crystallization procedure of ivermectin production.


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