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Analysis of effect of inocula on microbial community metabolic profiles during composting using Biolog method


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Analysis of effect of inocula on microbial community metabolic profiles during composting using Biolog method
Xu JieXu XiuhongLiu YueLi Hongtao
College of Resources and Environmental Sciences,Northeast Agricultural University,Harbin 150030,China
compost microbial community metabolism Biolog method diversity index analysis principal component analysis
The effects of inocula on lignocellulose degradation and microbial communities metabolic profiles during cattle manure compost process are studied using the Biolog method mainly in order to promote lignocellulose degradation and understand the microbial community diversity of metabolic functions.The results show that the degradation rates of cellulose,hemicellulose and lignin in the inoculated compost increas by 31.31%,19.57% and 14.33% respectively compared with the control at the end of compost.The analysis on average well color development shows that the inocula can increase the metabolic rate of cells at thermophilic stage of the compost.Analysis for Shannon index,Simpson index and McIntosh index shows that the addition of the inocula can increase the microbial diversity significantly in the early stage of the compost.The results of principal component analysis indicate that the metabolic capability on amphiphile,polymers,amino acids and amides carbon substrates of microorganisms in compost is enhanced by the inocula,which results in more efficient degradation of organic substance.


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