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Flow field and aerodynamic characteristic of three-dimensional projectile with deflectable nose


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Flow field and aerodynamic characteristic of three-dimensional projectile with deflectable nose
Guo YujieChen ZhihuaJiang Xiaohai
National Key Laboratory of Transient Physics,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
deflectable nose control flow field aerodynamic characteristics projectiles supersonic flow
Based on the detached eddy simulation and the advection upstream splitting method(AUSM)scheme,the supersonic flow field and aerodynamic force coefficients of a projectile with the deflectable nose are simulated numerically under the condition of zero angles of attack and deflection angles using the Fluent software.Through the comparison of the flow structures of projectiles with and without deflectable noses,the structures of shock wave are finded to be different greatly at the forebody of the projectile and the flow fields of the downstream of the forebody are almost the same.The result shows that the deflectable nose can improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the projectile.Under the condition of zero angles of attack,the deflectable nose can generate the aerodynamic lift and it can reduce the thrust keeping the projectile flying at certain height and improve its maneuvering.


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