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Fuzzy predictive control in automatic gauge control system of cold rolling mill


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Fuzzy predictive control in automatic gauge control system of cold rolling mill
Sun Menghui
School of Mechanical Engineering,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211167,China
cold rolling mill automatic gauge control system fuzzy predictive control generalized predictive control T-S fuzzy model
The fuzzy predictive control strategy is provided to improve the intelligent level of the automatic gauge control system of the cold rolling mill based on the T-S fuzzy model.After the T-S fuzzy model identification of the automatic gauge control system,the control rule is gained by the fuzzy predictive control algorithm based on the generalized predictive control and the shortage of the regulation fuzzy controller is overcomed.The T-S fuzzy model of the automatic gauge control system is used to gain the rule base of the fuzzy predictive control offline.The intensity-transferring method is adopted to get the value of membership grade function between the input and the rule base,the online calculation of Diophantine equation is avoided,the complexity of algorithm is reduced,and the timeliness is improved.Rolling experimental results show that the control strategy improves the performance of the automatic gauge control system and the gauge control precision of the cold rolling strip.


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