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Slidng mode control design for 2-dimensional translational oscillator with rotational actuator


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Slidng mode control design for 2-dimensional translational oscillator with rotational actuator
Bi Yuchun1Gao Bingtuan2Bao Yuqing2
1.School of Electrical and Information Engineering,Jiangsu University of Technology,Changzhou 213001,China; 2.School of Electrical Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
2-dimensional translational oscillators with rotational actuators sliding mode control pole assignment
The translational oscillator with the rotational actuator(TORA)is consisted of a translational cart and a rotor,and it is a benchmark nonlinear system for the control design.The sliding mode control is designed for the 2-dimensional translational oscillator with a rotational actuator(2DTORA)system to expand the cart's motion of TORA system to 2-dimension.The system dynamics is linearized around an equilibrium,and the linearized model is transformed into the controllable form.A linear sliding mode surface including all state variables is designed.Based on exponential approach law,the control input is derived and then each state variable can be guaranteed to reach the expected value.The pole assignment method is employed to calculate the parameters of the sliding mode surface.To realize stable control of other equilibriums of 2DTORA,its dynamics is linearized at different equilibriums to get the T-S fuzzy model of the sliding mode surface.Consequently,the control input stabilizing different equilibriums is achieved.Simulation results show the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed control design.


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