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Improved compressed sensing reconstruction algorithm and its application in image fusion


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Improved compressed sensing reconstruction algorithm and its application in image fusion
Li HuihuiZeng YanYang NingYao XiwenQian Linhong
Institute of Automation,Northwestern Polytechnical University,Xi'an 710129,China
compressed sensing pseudo-inverse adaptive matching pursuit algorithm greedy algorithm image fusion
In order to reconstruct images more accurate in compressed sensing,the pseudo-inverse adaptive matching pursuit(PIAMP)reconstruction algorithm is put forward based on the existing greed algorithms.The algorithm modifies the existing algorithm from the selection method and support set updating process of the optimal atom.The algorithm is applied in the image fusion of the compressed sensing.The experimental results show that,the reconstruction effect resulting from PIAMP is better than that of other basic greed algorithms,and a good fusion result can be obtained in shorter time.


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