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Method for improving array radar channel calibration performance


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Method for improving array radar channel calibration performance
Li WenliangMu ShanxiangLiu Feng
School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
channel calibration singular value and decomposition band segmentation
A calibration filter is usually needed to ensure the broadband array channel amplitude phase consistency.The performance of channel calibration is affected by the filter's coefficients and structure.Considering effects and the real-time of calibration,the singular value decomposition(SVD)method and the improved band segmentation method are presented here.The SVD ensures the solution stability and enhances the calibration performance.For the improved band segmentation method,the parallel processing is adopted to meet the real-time processing requirements.Simulation results show that both methods can improve the calibration performance.They can be chosed according to the performance requirements of the real-time and the hardware complexity.


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