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Performance assessment of decentralized control system based on improved user-specified benchmark


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Performance assessment of decentralized control system based on improved user-specified benchmark
Su ChengliTang YuguangLi ping
School of Information and Control Engineering,Liaoning Shihua University,Fushun 113001,China
performance evaluation internal structure of decentralized control system improved user-specified benchmark interactor matrixes
In view of that the internal structure of the decentralized control system is ignored when its performance is evaluated by the traditional user-specified benchmark,the improved user-defined benchmark is proposed here.The open-loop delay and the disturbance of the traditional user-specified benchmark are respectively replaceed by the effective partially closed-loop delay and disturbance.Diophantus is applied to analyze the minimum variance response of the user-specified function to get the performance indicator.The right diagonal interactor matrix replaces the unit interactor matrix to simplify complexity of solving performance indicators.The simulation results prove that this method can evaluate the decentralized control system whether the system has the internal disturbance.


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