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Stabilization of delay feedback of switched system with switching delay


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Stabilization of delay feedback of switched system with switching delay
Liu ZhengfanCai ChenxiaoYin MinghuiZou Yun
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
average dwell time exponentially stability switching delays state delays feedback
In the paper,it is investigated the exponential stability of switched systems by state feedback controller with time-varying delays.Time delays are presented in both states and the switching signals of the controller.Sufficient conditions are obtained based on the average dwell time(ADT)approach and semi-definite programming method for the exponential stability of the system with input delay.By using the linear matrix inequalities technique being easy to find the feasible solution,the less conservative state feedback controller is designed.The global exponential stability is guaranteed under an ADT scheme when the total matched time of switching signals reaches an extent exceeding that of unmatched switching signals.Finally,numerical examples are given to validate the theoretical results and the effectiveness of the proposed scheme.


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