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Effect of solvent surface erosion on combustion performance of nitroguanidine propellant


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Effect of solvent surface erosion on combustion performance of nitroguanidine propellant
Zhang FuyangJi DandanLiao XinWang Zeshan
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
nitroguanidine propellants micro-hole structures burning-rate pressure exponents combustion performance
TJ55; V512
In order to improve the combustion performance of nitroguanidine propellants,the physical solvent surface erosion is conducted,and the various micro-porous structures surface are formed in the 100 μm depth range of the nitroguanidine propellant surface layer.The surface micro-structure of four propellant samples are observed by scanning electron microscope,their combustion pressure-time curves are obtained by the closed bomb test,and the combustion performance changes of propellants are analyzed comparatively.The results show that,when the 1# propellant sample through physical solvent surface erosion losses 1.94% mass,the formed microporous surface structures can improve the comprehensive combustion performance and reduce the burning-rate pressure exponent of nitroguanidine propellants.


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