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Gait movement based on central pattern generator network


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Gait movement based on central pattern generator network
Zou Jinhui12Shi lei12Huang Guoyong12Wang Xiaodong12
1.Faculty of Information Engineering and Automation,Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 650500,China; 2.Engineering Research Center for Mineral Pipeline Transportation YN,Kunming 650500,China
nonlinear oscillators central pattern generators neurons gait movement
The simple Rayleigh oscillator is taken as the central pattern generator(CPG)controller to establish the network model.In view of the shortage on descripting the multi-neuron coupling aspect,a neuron is added to the single neuron and double neuron model to establish a three neuron model,and it is used for simulating hip joints,knee joints and ankle joints in the gait movement process.The simulation results show that the Rayleigh oscillator-built CPG can simulate many physiological characteristics of neurons and can be used to establish neural network model.


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