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Artificial immunitybased trust detection method for wireless sensor networks


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Artificial immunitybased trust detection method for wireless sensor networks
Shen HaiboJiang HaitaoZhuang KechenZhang Hong
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
artificial immunitywireless sensor networkstrust detectionclusteringcluster head nodestrust valuesnegative selection algorithmdetectorsbase stationsmember nodes
Aiming at the problem that the network lifetimes of cluster head nodes are reduced because of a large number of computations to do in traditional trust evaluation models of wireless sensor networks(WSNs) based on clustering,an artificial immune method is proposed to evaluate the trust values of nodes in WSNs.Base stations use detectors generated by the negative selection algorithm for trust detection of nodes.Cluster head nodes send the trust properties of member nodes to base stations instead of aggregating the trust values of member nodes.The burdens on the cluster head nodes are cut and the lifetimes of WSNs are extended.The simulation results show that the method proposed here extends network lifetimes and has higher detection rates compared with existing methods.When the percentages of nonconfidence nodes are not more than 40%,the detection rates are above 90%.


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