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Zone predictive control based on soft constraint adjustment method


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Zone predictive control based on soft constraint adjustment method
Li Qi’anShang YueLi Yue
School of Information and Control Engineering,Liaoning Shihua University,Fushun 113001,China
soft constraint adjustment methodpredictive controlzone controlcomplicated industrial process controlzone constraintsmultivariable predictive controlquality variablesnormal constraint variablesweightslinear quadratic Gaussian methodinteraction matrix calculations
A soft constraint adjustment method is developed for the multivariable predictive control problem with zone constraint requirements in complicated industrial process control.All output variables are grouped into two categories,namely quality variables and normal constraint variables,according to different control requirements.The variable weights are chosen according to engineering experience.In order to further improve the control performance,the linear quadratic Gaussian method is introduced into the soft constraint adjustment method.The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm doesn’t need to estimate whether the output variables stay within the zone control requirements and avoids complicated interaction matrix calculations,which can satisfy the actual industrial needs more easily.


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