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Mathematical knowledge management method based on neutral model representation


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Mathematical knowledge management method based on neutral model representation
Rong Gang1Xiao Jun2Hu Yunping2Feng Yiping1
1.State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology; 2.Institute of CyberSystem and Control,Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310027,China
model representationmathematical knowledge managementpetrochemical enterprisessoftware upgradationontological mathematical modeling knowledge managementmodel descriptionmodel
In order to manage the mathematical knowledge of petrochemical enterprises effectively and avoid wasting human resources and time on software upgradation,a novel mathematical knowledge management method is proposed here.The ontological mathematical modeling knowledge management(OntoMODEL)is improved by a neutral model representation separating the model description and solution.Then,the neutral model representation is mapped to a solvable model representation and calculated by a corresponding solver.Two cases of petrochemical enterprises are designed and converted to solvable model representations,which prove the effectiveness of this method.Compared with the OntoMODEL,the method proposed here supports more formats of mathematical knowledge representations and reduces the dependence of mathematical knowledge management on solving software.


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