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Fuzzy diagnosis algorithm of resistance soft faults in secondorder bandpass filters


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Fuzzy diagnosis algorithm of resistance soft faults in secondorder bandpass filters
Huang LiangGuo Yong
School of Electronic and Information Engineering,Beijing Jiaotong University,Beijing 100044
secondorder bandpass filtersresistancessoft faultsfuzzy diagnosisfault dictionary methodfault feature extraction methodinput signal frequencycutoff frequencytesting point voltagefuzzy membership functions
To improve the practicability of the fault dictionary method,a fault feature extraction method of secondorder bandpass filters is proposed based on the fuzzy diagnosis algorithm.The frequency of the input signals is beyond the cutoff frequency of the filter,and the voltages of the testing points in the filter are sensitive to the variations of fault elements.The fault diagnosis of secondorder bandpass filters is realized by calculating whole membership degrees between undiagnosed circuits and every circuit state using fuzzy membership functions and fuzzy decision functions.The experimental results show that the extraction method of fault features proposed here is simple and efficient when gathering the fault samples of filters;the similarity levels between undiagnosed circuits and every fault state are described by fuzzy membership degrees clearly;the accuracy rate of fault diagnosis is 100% when every fault set is discrete.


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