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Movement process of spinning microspacecraft


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Movement process of spinning microspacecraft
Liu Yun12Wang Hao2Tao Ruyi2Zhu Delong3
1.The 28th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation,Nanjing 210007,China; 2.School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 3.Nanchang Military Academy,Nanchang 330103,China
spacecraftsenvironmental factorsorbital dynamic modelsEuler equationattitude dynamic modelsdualEuler methodorbital parametersattitude parametersair densitygravitational force
To study the movement of a certain spinning microspacecraft running a circle in orbit,primary reference frames are set up to describe the motion states of the spinning microspacecraft.An orbital dynamic model and an attitude dynamic model based on Euler equation are established considering the influences of environmental factors on the flight process of the spinning microspacecraft.The orbital and attitude parameters of the spinning microspacecraft running a circle in orbit are simulated using the dualEuler method.The results indicate that the air density of high altitude orbit is extremely low,and the spinning microspacecraft stabilized by spinning is mainly affected by the gravitational force,solar radiation pressure and atmospheric drag.The motion trajectory of the spinning microspacecraft approximates to a ring;the orbit altitude heightens 4.66 km after the spinning microspacecraft runs a circle;the roll angle and yaw angle fluctuate,the variation is less than ±0.04°;the pitch angle increases gradually over time,the change ranges approximate to 360°.


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