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Noether symmetries of generalized Birkhoff systems based on ElNabulsi fractional model


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Noether symmetries of generalized Birkhoff systems based on ElNabulsi fractional model
Zhang Yi12Ding Jinfeng3
1.College of Civil Engineering,Suzhou University of Science and Technology,Suzhou 215009,China; 2.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China;3.College of Mathematics and Physics, Suzhou University of Science and Technology,Suzhou 215009,China
mechanical systemssymmetriesconserved quantitiesElNabulsi fractional modelgeneralized Birkhoff systemsNoether’s theoreminfinitesimal transformationholonomic constraint systemsnonholonomic constraint systems
To further reveal the inner relationships between the symmetries and conserved quantities of mechanical systems,a Noether’s theorem of generalized Birkhoff systems is proposed and studied based on ElNabulsi fractional model.Firstly,a generalized ElNabulsiPfaffBirkhoff fractional principle is presented,and generalized ElNabulsiBirkhoff equations are established;secondly,based on the invariance of the ElNabulsiPfaff action under the infinitesimal transformation,the definitions and criteria of the Noether symmetries of generalized Birkhoff fractional systems are given;finally,a Noether’s theorem for generalized Birkhoff fractional systems is proposed.The research results may be applied to systems with holonomic or nonholonomic constraints.


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