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Eccentric discharge of large diameter squat silos based on threedimensional discrete element method


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Eccentric discharge of large diameter squat silos based on threedimensional discrete element method
Sun Weiwei1Zhang Yuan1Meng Shaoping2Qin Xiao1
1.School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.The Key Lab on RC/PC Structures of Ministry of Education,Southeast University,Nanjing 210096,China
threedimensional discrete element methodlarge diameter squat siloseccentric dischargewallsspherical particlesgranular materialwall elementsparticle velocity fieldsstatic lateral pressuredynamic lateral pressure
In order to study the dynamic action mechanism of granular materials to the walls of large diameter squat silos,the whole eccentric discharge processes of a silo are simulated by the threedimensional discrete element method(DEM).Spherical particles of different sizes are used to simulate granular material,and wall elements are used to simulate the silo wall.The particle velocity fields and flow processes of particles show that a funnel shaped discharge channel extends upward from the silo outlet,which is validated by simulation tests.The static lateral pressure to the silo wall decreases continuously during the discharge processes.The peak value of dynamic lateral pressure to the silo wall occurs in the initial stage of the discharge process,and the overpressure of the upper wall is more serious than that of the lower wall.The overpressure phenomena often occur in the side near the silo outlet,and the maximum overpressure coefficient is 1.63.The dynamic action of the wall far away from the outlet may be neglected in the eccentric discharge processes.


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