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Experimental study on boiling heat transfer of R134a in offset strip fins


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Experimental study on boiling heat transfer of R134a in offset strip fins
Zheng WenyuanWu Jingze
Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Aero Electromechanical System Integration, Aviation Industry Corporation of China,Nanjing 211106,China
R134aoffset strip finsboiling heat transfermass flow ratesBertsch correlationplatefin evaporatorssurface temperatureconvective heat transfer coefficientsstraight channelscooling capacities
In order to design platefin evaporators,the boiling heat transfer coefficients of R134a in offset strip fins are studied experimentally under different mass flow rates.A modified formula of the boiling heat transfer coefficient of Bertsch correlation is obtained by comparing the calculation data of Berstch correlation with the experimental data,and it is verified by experiments of a platefin evaporator with the same structure.The experimental results show that the surface temperature of offset strip fins along the flow direction has the same changing trend under different entrance conditions,which almost has no change in the beginning but increase significantly at 290 mm position;under the same mass flow rates,the convective heat transfer coefficients of R134a in offset strip channels are much larger than those in straight channels;the deviations of cooling capacities calculated by the boiling heat transfer coefficient modified formula of Berstch correlation from experimental results are about 10%.


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