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Coupling effect of UWB-EMP on landmine shell made with composite materials


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Coupling effect of UWB-EMP on landmine shell made with composite materials
Gao Zhenru12Fang Xiang2Zhao Huichang1Yi Yun2Li Delin2
1.School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.College of Field Engineering,PLA University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210007,China
composite materials stainless steel fibers high power microwaves landmine shells electromagnetic shielding ultra-wide band electromagnetic pulse finite difference time domain slot coupling radiation effect electromagnetic damage
TB34; TJ04
In view of the serious threats of high power microwave(HPM)mine sweepers to modern landmines,in order to improve the capability of landmines against electromagnetic damage,a new kind of landmine shell made with composite materials is studied using stainless steel fibers(SSF)to fill polyamide resin.Based on the shell structure and setting pose of landmines,the slot coupling effect of ultra-wide band electromagnetic pulse(UWB-EMP)on landmine shell is analyzed by finite difference time domain(FDTD)numerical calculation.Landmine shell samples are prepared with composite materials.When electronical fuzes connected with electrical fire head are fit under the shell in the microwave anechoic chamber,experiments of damage effect of UWB electromagnetic pulse radiation with peak power of 1 GW are conducted.When the distance between shell and antenna is more than 50 cm,the fuze in the shell can work normally.The results show the shells can promote the viability of landmines with electronical fuzes against strong electromagnetic damage in high power electromagnetic environment.


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