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Modelling and simulation analysis of man-gun systems with prone position and support


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Modelling and simulation analysis of man-gun systems with prone position and support
Song JieLiao ZhenqiangLi JiashengXian Dongpeng
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
prone-shoulder firing grenade launcher floating launching technique man-gun systems launch dynamics human joints simulation
In order to study the interaction between high muzzle velocity grenade launcher when launching with floating launching technique and human body,combined with single shot characteristics with prone-shoulder,a launching dynamical simulation model of man-gun system is set up referring to the national standard,human dimensions of Chinese adults.The moving characteristics of automatic mechanism and forces characteristics on important human joints are analyzed.Forces response law on important human joints is summarized in the case of the different parameters.A number of avenues which can reduce the impact load on human joints are given.Simulation results show that the impact effect on human joints which comes from grenade launcher can be estimated effectively,the necessary simulation foundation is provided for research and development of the new gun.


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