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Voltage and frequency stability control for micro wind asynchronous generator with energy storage system


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Voltage and frequency stability control for micro wind asynchronous generator with energy storage system
Hu LikunHu DongLu ZiguangZhu Fei
School of Electrical Engineering,Guangxi University,Naning 530004,China
wind power generation asynchronous generator voltage and frequency controller energy storage phase locking loop power quality
This paper deals with the voltage and frequency controllers of a micro wind asynchronous generator with an energy storage system.The system,along with an energy storage equipment,charges or discharges at its direct current link.The proposed controllers have bidirectionally active and reactive powers flow capability by which it controls the system voltage and frequency with different consumer loads.The control method includes voltage and frequency loops.The voltage and frequency controllers are both PI controllers.The real-time detection system of the frequency variation adopts a PLL improved method.A set of new VF controllers are designed and their performance is simulated in the MATLAB/Simulink and experimented to verify the correctness of the control method.The result shows the control strategy can improve the asynchronous generator port characteristics and the power quality of the system.


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