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Intelligent control algorithm for missile with lateral jets and aerodynamic surfaces


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Intelligent control algorithm for missile with lateral jets and aerodynamic surfaces
Shi ZhenMa WenqiaoWang FeiZhang Yufang
Automation College,Harbin Engineering University,Harbin 150001,China
lateral jets fuzzy control genetic algorithm ignition algorithm attitude control engines pulse-width pulse-frequency adaptive genetic algorithm intelligent compound control algorithm adaptive fuzzy control
Aiming at the characters of large jet interaction for missile with lateral jets and aerodynamic surfaces,an intelligent compound control algorithm based on adaptive genetic algorithm and improved fuzzy control theory is proposed,which don't relay on an accurate mathematical model.The algorithm adopts parallel strategy of lateral jets and aerodynamic surfaces.Adaptive genetic algorithm is used to design compound control allocation algorithm.Ignition algorithm of attitude control engines is designed based on the variable universe adaptive fuzzy control theory.Considering the discrete ignition character of attitude control engines,the pulse-width pulse-frequency(PWPF)method is used for application and stability of the system is analyzed.Simulation results verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.


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