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New rough set model:a variable precision multigranulation approach


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New rough set model:a variable precision multigranulation approach
Yan Minlun12
1.Campus of Lianyungang,Jiangsu Normal University,Liangyungang 222006,China; 2.School of Mathematics and Information Engineering,Lianyungang Normal College, Liangyungang 222006,China
variable precision multigranulation adjustablity rough set threshold generalization optimistic rough sets pessimistic rough sets
The variable precision optimistic multigranulation rough set model is loose while the variable precision pessimistic multigranulation rough set model is strict.To solve this problem,this paper proposes a new variable precision multigranulation rough set model,which is called adjustable variable precision multigranulation rough set.It introduces a threshold to control the number of attributes,which satisfy the variable precision constraint condition.This mechanism makes the model more flexibile.This paper shows the properties of this model and compares the model with classical variable precision multigranulation model.By theoretical analyses,this paper observes that,the new variable precision multigranulation rough set model not only inherits the properties of classical variable multigranulation rough set,but also can degenerate to classical variable multigranulation rough set with some limitations.The research shows that,the model proposed here is a powerful expansion of the classical multigranulation rough set in real world application.


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