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Routing algorithm for delay tolerant networks based on social scale


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Routing algorithm for delay tolerant networks based on social scale
Xiao Fu123Sun Guoxia1Xu Jia12Jiang Lingyun12Wang Ruchuan123
1.College of Computer,Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications,Nanjing 210003,China; 2.Jiangsu High Technology Research Key Laboratory for Wireless Sensor Networks,Nanjing 210003,China; 3.Key Lab of Broadband Wireless Communication and Sensor
delay tolerant network routing protocol social scale data transmission delivery probability
In order to solve the network load increasing problem due to multiple copies in traditional route protocol based on probability,a novel routing algorithm based on social scale is proposed here.By defining nodes' social scale as delay degree and effectiveness according to nodes' local information, message is forwarded rapidly by selecting relay node with lower social delay degree,and scheduling management of message forward queue is calculated based on nodes' social validity.The experimental results prove that this algorithm can effectively reduce network load while message delivery ratio is well retained.


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