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Near-fault vertical earthquake response analysis of bridge considering pounding and bearing


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Near-fault vertical earthquake response analysis of bridge considering pounding and bearing
Yang HaiboYin Xiaochun
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
near-fault vertical earthquakes bridges rubber bearing poundings response analysis
U442.5; O313.4; O347.4
To precisely calculate the near-fault vertical earthquake response of bridge with bearings,the effect of the bridge bearing and the vertical pounding on the bridge seismic response is researched.A continuous model of beam-spring-rod is applied to analysis earthquake responses of a two-span continuous beam bridge.The theoretical solutions of coupling responses of earthquake and pounding are obtained by the expansion of transient wave functions in series of eigenfunctions and the transient internal force of the contact surface of the combined impact body.The numerical results show that the present model and method can simulate reasonably the pounding phenomenon and calculate the complex responses of bridge with poundings.The positive moment of the bridge mid-span section,the negative moment of bridge above bearing section and the axial force of pier are significantly enhanced by near-fault vertical earthquakes,which even exceed ultimate carrying capacity of the bridge and lead to its damage.The longer the time of vertical earthquake ahead of horizontal earthquake is,the greater the probability leading to bridge damage only under the vertical earthquake is.


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