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Study on Poisson's ratio of solid propellant using creep test


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Study on Poisson's ratio of solid propellant using creep test
Zheng Jian1Zhang Jianbin1Zhou Changsheng1Wang Wenping2
1.School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.Institute of Product Design,Jinxi Industries Group,Taiyuan 030027,China
solid mechanics double-base propellants viscoelastic creep test relaxation modulus Poisson's ratio
In order to study the viscoelastic behavior of solid propellants,based on the hereditary integral forms of the viscoelastic Poisson's ratio expression and combined with the Laplace transformation and creep test conditions,the accurate Poisson's ratio expression of the propellant material is deduced with the known transverse strain and relaxation modulus,and the corresponding program is compiled by Matlab.The corresponding creep test is designed to obtain the transverse strain of propellant materials.The change law between the Poisson's ratio and time of the propellant material is obtained based on the relaxation modulus.The results can provide input parameters for the structural integrity analysis of solid propellants.


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