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Study on deception jamming technology against wideband inverse synthetic aperture radar


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Study on deception jamming technology against wideband inverse synthetic aperture radar
Hua HanbingWang JianxinLiu GuangzuBan Tian
School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
inverse synthetic aperture radars ambiguity function deception jamming false targets digital image synthesis
According to the characteristics of inverse the synthetic aperture radar(ISAR)transmitted signal,the ambiguity function and its resolution of the wideband linear frequency modulation signal are researched based on the principle of radar ambiguity function.The false target radar image is synthesized in digital way to realize deception jamming against ISAR.The operating principle and hardware realization of the digital image synthesizer are analyzed.A scheme of the modulator structure is proposed to reduce the resource consumption and improve the operating speed of the system.Theoretical analysis and instance simulation show that this method can generate the false target image realistically and realize the deception jamming against ISAR.


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