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Economic statistical design of (-overX) control chart under random process mean shift


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Economic statistical design of (-overX) control chart under random process mean shift
Hu XuelongSun Jinsheng
School of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
statistical process control economic statistical design of control chart Gamma(λ2)distribution random mean shift
Considering processes with Gamma(λ,2)in-control times due to the abnormal factors,the effects of the random process mean shift on economic statistical design of the (-overX) control chart are investigated by means of constructing a loss function of the (-overX) control chart.The design parameters of (-overX) control chart are obtained through the pattern search algorithm.A numerical example is presented and a sensitivity analysis is performed.The results show that a cautious monitoring strategy should be adopted when using the (-overX) control chart to monitor random mean shift in the processes.


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