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Study on signal properties of missile-borne highly squint SAR


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Study on signal properties of missile-borne highly squint SAR
Chen YongZhao HuichangChen SiZhang Shuning
School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
missile-borne synthetic aperture radar highly squint signal properties
The echo signal properties of the missile-borne synthetic aperture radar(SAR)under the highly squint mode are analyzed based on its trajectory characteristics,and the signal model and range equation are proposed.The Doppler centroid,the range cell migration and the slant range approximation accuracy are discussed.The simulation results show that the echo signal of the missile-borne highly squint-mode SAR has the larger range walking,the smaller range curve and serious errors of the second-order approximation,and the missile-borne highly squint SAR can be focused by removing the range walking in time domain and reducing the range-azimuth coupling in the 2-D frequency domain.


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