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Effect of conducted interference of electromagnetic pulse on switch trigger system


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Effect of conducted interference of electromagnetic pulse on switch trigger system
Feng Deren1Liu Mengfei1Wang Shixiang1Han Fucun1Dai Yanling1 Duan Dawei1He Shanhong1Che Wenquan2Xiong Ying2
1.Institute of Electrical and Information,Anhui University of Technology,Ma'anshan 243032,China; 2.School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
conducted interference repetitive frequency electromagnetic pulse accumulation effect grounding coupling
In order to analyse the impact of the conducted interference of electromagnetic pulse(EMP)on the switch trigger system reliability,taking the hydrogen thyristor trigger as research object,a common ground coupling model is carried out to research the interference of the hydrogen thyristor grid under the mutual ground and experiments are carried out under the EMP environment.The results show that the conducted interference of electromagnetic pulse has impact on the tube output.Increasing repetitive frequency EMP quantity and reducing EMP interval can both increase the probabilities of the false trigger.Comparition of the theoretical analysis and the experiment results shows that this phenomenon is caused by the enhanced interaction coupling due to the conducted interference accumulation effect of the repetitive frequency and the high frequency component strengthen.


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