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Meshless method of electromagnetic scattering characteristics of conductor


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Meshless method of electromagnetic scattering characteristics of conductor
Kong Lingrong1Guo Xiaojuan2Wang Hao1
1.School of Electronic and Electric Engineering,Taizhou Institute of Science and Technology, NUST,Taizhou 225300,China; 2.School of Electronic and Optical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
meshless method discrete process conductor surface scattering singularity correlation
TM15; O441
In view of that the grid generation of traditional numerical method depends on the basis functions,its calculation accuracy and efficiency of algorithm are affected when the mesh does not meet necessary conditions,the meshless method is proposed based on the discrete points without discrete grid quality constraints,and the free arbitrary mesh with no laws is used.The solving process matrix of the meshless method for the electromagnetic conductor surface scattering is given to treat with the process of singular integral calculation process and calculate the surface electric field integral equation,including the equations of the discrete process and the matrix element.The numberical analysis results of several typical examples show that the meshless method based on the pre-conditioner can improve the accuracy of the close interaction.


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