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Security transfer of Web password based on dynamic soft keyboard and random code


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Security transfer of Web password based on dynamic soft keyboard and random code
Qi YongGao ShuangshuangLi Qianmu
School of Computer Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
dynamic soft keyboard random code wireless networks user passwords access points replay attacks brute force attacks terminal attacks network attacks
In wireless networks,a Web password security transfer method is put forward to prevent user passwords from being stolen.In a Web portal,a local dynamic soft keyboard is showed,and a random code is added,then the user password and random code are encrypted by message digest algorithm(MD5)and sent.Experimental results prove that:the method proposed here can prevent hacker from intercepting user passwords through access points(AP),replay attacks and brute force attacks; compared with the existing Web password security transfer methods,the method proposed here has the advantages of low computation complexity,high efficiency,security and reliability and can prevent terminal attacks and network attacks.


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