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Protection system for communication line based on distributed interferometric fiber optic sensor network


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Protection system for communication line based on distributed interferometric fiber optic sensor network
Hu Feng1Ma Chunxia2Cui Yian3Shi Guangshun3
1.School of Telecommunications,Nanjing College of Information Technology,Nanjing 210023,China; 2.Tianjin Engineering Teaching & Training Center,Polytechnic University of Tianjin,Tianjin 300087,China; 3.College of Computer and Control Engineering,Nan
optical fiber sensing network digital signal processing artificial neural network communication line security
A new communication line protection system has been proposed,which is based on the distributed optical fiber and artificial neural network discrimination.The system uses optical fiber sensors to collect the soil vibration signal around communication line.Raw signals are processed via several kind of digital signal processing methods.A hybrid classification system is applied to identify the existence of destructive behavior.An accurate mutual correlation method is designed based on Mach-Zehnder interference principle to locate the position of vibration signals.Wavelet shrinkage and Hilbert transformation method are applied to filter noise and segment the interest signal section.A two level classifier based on Support Vector Machine(SVM)and Back Propagation(BP)neural network is designed to identify the type of dangerous behavior.The system has been evaluated under a real application environment.The location deviation is less than 100 m,and the recognition accuracy rate for seven types of dangerous behavior comes to 94.35%.The test results prove the efficiency and precision of the system.


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