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Testability demonstration test scheme based on Bayesian theory


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Testability demonstration test scheme based on Bayesian theory
Deng LuXu AiqiangLi WenhaiTang Wenchao
Research Institute of Aircraft Detection and Application,Naval Aeronautical and Astronautical University,Yantai 264001,Chin
uncertainty risk loss testability demonstration tests fault injection cost producer's risk consumer's risk Bayesian theory prior information minimum test sample number maximum qualification evaluation number expect risk loss
Aiming to reduce risk loss in testability demonstration tests,a scheme based on Bayesian theory is proposed.The cost of fault injection,risk loss of producer and consumer are considered synthetically,and a test model based on risk loss is established.According to Bayesian theory and prior information,the formulas of minimum test sample number and maximum qualification evaluation number are deduced,and a solving method of producer's risk and consumer's risk is provided based on Bayesian rule of average risk.The solving method of test model is presented under the principle of minimizing expect risk loss.Experimental results show that the scheme proposed here can reduce two types of risk loss effectively.


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