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Design and experiment of T-shape glass micro-nozzle used in pulse driving-controlling of micro-fluids


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Design and experiment of T-shape glass micro-nozzle used in pulse driving-controlling of micro-fluids
Li ZonganZhu LiZhang Weiyi
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
microfluidic digitalization pulse driving-controlling T-shape glass micro-nozzles hot-cold fabricating process pull force coil temperature delay time coil width orderly emulsion microcapsules
In order to simplify the fabrication process of T-shape glass micro-nozzles used in pulse driving-controlling of micro-fluids,a novel gravity based glass micro-nozzle preparation apparatus and a micro hole fabrication apparatus are designed and fabricated.The impact laws of pull force,coil temperature,delay time,coil width on pulling process,heating time,feed distance on forging process,and heating area on micro hole fabrication process are researched experimentally.Borosilicate glass microfluidic devices such as micro-nozzle,micro-channel,micro hole in the glass capillary wall are prepared.Sealed by ultraviolet rays(UV)optical glue,a kind of T-shape glass micro-nozzle is designed and prepared.A glass microfluidic device preparation apparatus integrating forging and pulling process is designed.The tape length of the micro-nozzle fabricated by the pulling process with delay control structure is 3.5 mm shorter than that fabricated by the pulling process without delay control structure.400 μm circular micro holes can be fabricated on the glass pipe wall by the micro hole fabrication apparatus.Orderly core oil emulsion in sodium alginate solution and 500 μm microcapsules with single or double core oil are prepared uniformly and well.Results show that T-shape combined glass microfluidic devices could be fabricated by hot-cold fabricating process and have the advantage of simple structure,low cost,good bio-chemical and optical characters,and the T-shape glass micro-nozzle driven by pulse inertia force could be used to prepare pulse fluid flow and micro injection.


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