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Transient analysis of multi-field coupling on suspension inertial vibration machine


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Transient analysis of multi-field coupling on suspension inertial vibration machine
Qiu MingLiao ZhenqiangLi JiashengSong Jie
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
suspension vibration machines multi-field coupling transience geometric nonlinearity flexible suspenders asynchronous motors nonlinear elasticity theory
TH113.1; TS211.3
To study the generating and inhibiting mechanism of the starting transient resonance in suspension vibration machines,a beam mechanics model of flexible suspenders with large lateral deformation and axial force is proposed considering geometric nonlinearity.The multi-field coupling transient starting process of a suspension vibration machine is numerical simulated based on the transient starting theory of asynchronous motors.A nonlinear beam mechanics model of a flexible suspender is established using nonlinear elasticity theory and Euler-Bernoulli theory and numerically solved,and a nonlinear elasticity characteristic curve of lateral deformation on the free end of the flexible suspender is obtained.Considering the transient starting of asynchronous motors,a rigid,soft and electric multi-field coupling mathematical model during starting period is established.The simulation results reveal the generating mechanism of the starting transient resonance and the inhibiting mechanism of starting transient resonance of eccentricity self-adjustable inertial exciter.Under the same condition,the vibration attenuation time of electromagnetic torque of inertial exciter is about 0.5 s,and that of self-adjustable inertial exciter is below 0.2 s,the maximum instantaneous amplitude of inertial exciter is 133.89 mm,and that of self-adjustable inertial exciter is 90.6 mm.The transient resonance of self-adjustable inertial exciter is restrained well.


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