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Preparation of nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxide and its electrochemical properties


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Preparation of nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxide and its electrochemical properties
Liu BinHu WenshengLi Yajuan
Xinjiang Education Institute,Urumqi 830043,China
nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxides preparation electrochemical properties anode materials cycle performance charge/discharge capacity precipitation method lithium-ion batteries X-ray diffraction
To improve the cycle performance and charge/discharge capacity of oxide anode material,nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxide powder is synthesized by precipitation method as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.Its crystalline structure is analyzed by X-ray diffraction,its morphology is characterized by transmission electron microscope,and its electrochemical performance is tested.The results show that nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxide can be obtained by precipitation method with the as-prepared particle size of 10-30 nm; the discharge capacity retention of nano CuO-Co3O4-NiO composite oxide is 94% from the 40th cycle to the 50th cycle.


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