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Supercritical preparation and dissolution property of carbamazepine microcapsule


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Supercritical preparation and dissolution property of carbamazepine microcapsule
Dang Beilei12Yan Tingxuan1Cheng Yue1Wang Zhixiang1
1.School of Pharmacy,China Pharmaceutical University,Nanjing 210009,China; 2.Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Shanghai 201203,China
carbamazepine microcapsule supercritical preparation dissolution property supercritical fluid impregnation poly lactic-co-glycolic acid methoxy polyethylene glycol-poly lactic-co-glycolic acid differential scanning calorimetry infrared spectroscop
In order to improve the dissolution property of carbamazepine,corresponding experiments on producing microcapsule of carbamazepine wrapped by poly lactic-co-glycolic acid(PLGA)or methoxy polyethylene glycol-poly lactic-co-glycolic acid(MPEG-PLGA)are carried out using supercritical fluid impregnation(SFI).The forms of carbamazepine in the polymer matrices and molecular interactions between carbamazepine and the polymers are characterized by differential scanning calorimetry and infrared spectroscopy.The dissolution of carbamazepine in vitro is determined.The results show that:for the microcapsule using PLGA or MPEG-PLGA to carry drug,the carbamazepine molecules present amorphous state and disperse evenly in the matrices; the molecular interaction between carbamazepine and MPEG-PLGA is strong,and the plasticity of MPEG-PLGA microcapsule is better than that of PLGA microcapsule; the drug dissolution rate of the MPEG-PLGA matrix is obviously higher than that of the PLGA matrix,and the drug dissolution rate increases with the decrease of molecular weight of the adscititious MPEG and n(LA):n(GA); the drug dissolution rate can be appropriately enhanced when the drug loading rises from 9.8%,28.3% to 35.8%,when the drug loading reaches about 45.2%,the drug dissolution rate begins to descend.


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