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Influence of spoiler on overturning angular rate of submunition


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Influence of spoiler on overturning angular rate of submunition
Zhang Bozi1Wang Shanshan2Huang Bei3Wang Hao1
1.School of Energy and Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China; 2.China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China; 3.China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation,Beijing 100076,China
submunition interior ballistics two-phase flow vortex spoilers overturning angular rate dispersing system
The submunition overturning movement greatly affects the effectiveness of dispersal at the end of the dispersing interior ballistic process.To study the forming mechanization and the controlling regulations of the submunition overturning angular rate,the central gas dispersing interior ballistic process is modeled and simulated in two phases.The feasibility of the model is proved by the comparison of numerical simulation results and test results.The regulation is obtained that the angular rate of submunition overturning monotonically decreases while the spoiler radial position increases.The spoiler in flow fields is designed.The research results reveale a mechanization of how both of the vortex in flow fields and the generated negative pressure zone influence the submunition overturning angular rate.The final results provide a theoretical basis for improving the submunition dispersing system.


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