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Fault-tolerance of unidirectional file transmission system based on Cauchy Reed-Solomon code


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Fault-tolerance of unidirectional file transmission system based on Cauchy Reed-Solomon code
Zhou YiPang LihuiPeng Wei
College of Computer,National University of Defense Technology,Changsha 410073,China
erasure code Cauchy Reed-Solomon code Reed-Solomon code fault-tolerance unidirectional file transmission system packet loss redundancy encoding
In order to improve the transmission reliability of the unidirectional file transmission system,a Cauchy Reed-Solomon(CRS)erasure code is used to do redundancy encoding on transmission files.This code can transmit redundancy information and original files together.Unidirectional file transmission system makes information transfer come true under different secret level networks,but it doesn't have the function of feedback message directly,due to this the unidirectional file transmission system against a serious problem—fault-tolerance.In this paper we make some test to research on packet loss issues,discovering that the continual packet loss obtains periodicity caused by network congestion.We make use of erasure codes on the unidirectional file transmission system owning to this conclusion.We can make a conclusion that the transmission fault-tolerance can be improved remarkably by making use of CRS code through some experiments.


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