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Intrusion-tolerant proxy blind signature scheme based on discrete logarithm


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Intrusion-tolerant proxy blind signature scheme based on discrete logarithm
Liu Fenghua12Mi Junli2Ding Enjie1
1.School of Information and Electrical Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221008,China; 2.School of Mathematics and Physical Science,Xuzhou Institute of Technology,Xuzhou 221111,China
discrete logarithm intrusion tolerance anonymity-revoking identity-based securing private keys proxy blind signature
To defend the forgery attacks of the original signer and signature receiver in the scheme of proxy blind signature,this paper studies the problem of the signature algorithm.Based on the new(t,n)secret sharing mechanism,the private key of the Certificate Authority(CA)is separately stored by using its identity as the mark of private key so that it can provide the intrusion tolerance for the securing Private Keys.Rather than preventing intrusions or attacks to ensure safety of CA,the project ensures that the confidential information of the CA system will not be exposed when a minority of components are attacked.The research results show that even if certain users are spitefully attacked,the system still works properly.


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