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Performance of media access control protocol for ZigBee network based on Markov chain


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Performance of media access control protocol for ZigBee network based on Markov chain
Cheng HongbinSun XiaDong Ruizhi
School of Computer Science and Engineering,Changshu Institute of Technology,Changshu 215500,China
ZigBee media access control throughput power consumption protocol parameters
To optimize the performance of media access control(MAC)protocol for ZigBee network,a mechanism based on saturated traffic for channel competitive access is proposed.This paper establishes a Markov chain model for the process of node state transition.The numerical analysis of throughput and node average power consumption based on the mechanism is carried out.The impact of protocol parameters such as NB and aminBE on the performance of conflict probability,throughput and node average power consumption is researched.The results show that this model can describe the mechanism of channel competitive access well and that the reasonable settings for parameters can improve the performance of the MAC protocol.


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