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User behavioral authentication mechanism and analysis based on IOT


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User behavioral authentication mechanism and analysis based on IOT
Wang Xiaoju1Tian Liqin12Zhao Jingxiong1
1.Computer Department,North China Institute of Science and Technology,Beijing 101601,China; 2.School of Computer Science and Technology,Qinghai Normal University,Xining 810008,China
internet of things behavior authentication user re-authentication stochastic Petri net dynamic user behavior performance analysis false negative rate
In order to reduce the false negative rate of the user's identity under the environment of Internet of Things,this paper proposes a dynamic user behavior authentication mechanism based on the combination of authentication and behavior authentication.The paper presents the creation of the user behavior authentication set.The paper presents the realization process of the whole mechanism.The paper focuses on the determinate sufficient behavior authentication and the uncertain necessary behavior authentication.At the same time,the Stochastic Petri Net(SPN)model of each authentication is given to analyze the impact of performance and the false positive of the mechanism.Theoretical analysis shows that this mechanism is remarkable in improving the security of user authentication mechanism.


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