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Secure transmission test method of ZigBee protocol based on randomness detection


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Secure transmission test method of ZigBee protocol based on randomness detection
Tang Yongli1Zhao Wenjing1Liang Bo2Zhao Zhangjie2
1.School of Computer Science and Technology,Henan Polytechnic University,Jiaozuo 454003,China; 2.Beijing Information Security Test and Evaluation Center,Beijing 100101,China
internet of things security randomness detection ZigBee protocol encryption testing data frame structure
In order to effectively identify and test the encryption measures of ZigBee protocol,this paper studies secure working mode with ZigBee protocol and proposes a new security testing method based on randomness detection.This method synthetically considers the randomness of test sequences and test effectiveness,and uses the typical randomness detection algorithm to construct a reasonable testing program.By analyzing the characteristics of data frame structure in ZigBee network layer and application layers and testing ZigBee protocol data of different encryption mechanisms,this paper can effectively identify whether the transmission data are encrypted or not.By analyzing the encryption positions of load byte data,this paper can determine the encryption level of the ZigBee protocol data.The experimental results show that this method can accurately identify whether the ZigBee protocol data are encrypted and use the encryption level and can effectively test the encryption strength.


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