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Data-driven constant power control of variable speed variable pitch wind energy conversion system


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Data-driven constant power control of variable speed variable pitch wind energy conversion system
Pan TinglongSun ChengqiJi ZhichengXu Lili
Institute of Electrical Automation,Jiangnan University,Wuxi 214122,China
wind energy conversion system data-driven optimal control variable speed variable pitch multivariable control feedback controller
To achieve the constant power control of the above rated wind speed,pitch angle and electromagnetic torque of the wind energy conversion system(WECS)must be controlled simultaneously.The nonlinearity and uncertainty of the variable speed variable pitch wind energy conversion system results in the difficulties in modeling.Combining the data-driven optimal control theory with multivariable control strategy,according to the input and output data of the variable speed variable pitch wind energy conversion system to calculate the Markov parameters.A data-driven state observer controller is constructed.A multivariable optimal feedback controller is designed by the closed form of difference Riccati equation.Simulation in MATLAB/simulink results indicate that the above rated wind,the data-driven multivariable optimal control without modelling can effectively maintain the rated power output.


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