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Application of nonlinear programming for simulation of binary distillation column


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Application of nonlinear programming for simulation of binary distillation column
Pan DuotaoHuang MingzhongJin HuiYuan Decheng
Chemical Control Technology Key Laboratory of Liaoning Province,Shenyang University of Chemical Technology,Shenyang 110142,China
process industry binary distillation column steady calculation dynamic optimization nonlinear programming
To solve the problem that the large-scale dynamic system model cannot be simulated directly,this paper evaluates the feasibility of calculation of distillation column model by applying the dynamic optimization method.Aiming at the dynamic model of binary distillation column,the nonlinear programming approach is chosen to simulate the model in static and dynamic pattern respectively.The model of binary distillation column is calculated by nonlinear programming solver.The result accords with the engineering practice and can be used to evaluate production capacity of distillation column.With the static calculation,dynamic simulation is executed under various reflux ratio,and the efficiency of separation is also evaluated.The results show that the nonlinear programming is an efficient method for a large-scale complicated system like separation process and provides the technical support.


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