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Design and analysis of dynamic experiment for engraving process of high-speed projectile


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Design and analysis of dynamic experiment for engraving process of high-speed projectile
Chen LongmiaoLin GuiLi Miao
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094,China
engraving process finite element simulation mechanical design
A reusable electromechanical experimental device for the dynamic engraving process is designed to simulate the plastic deformation of the projectile engrave rifling with high speeds.The collision process of impactors and the engraving process of bands pushed by pushrod are simulated and analyzed.The motion state of the projectile and the pushrod and the curve of the engraving resistance versus time of bands are obtained.The results show that the difference between the maximum resistance value of calculation and the common resistance value of experience is less than 10%,the experimental device can achieve the function of the engraving experiment,and the simulation model and the parameters of the dynamic engraving process are reasonable.The research in this paper can provide the effective test method and the simulation methods for the future study of the engraving law.


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