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Test on strength property of weathered sand improved high liquid limit red clay


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Test on strength property of weathered sand improved high liquid limit red clay
Yang Jun12Li Xinchun12Tong Lei12
1.Collaborative Innovation Center of Geological Hazards and Ecological Environment in Three Gorges Area in Hubei Province; 2.College of Civil Engineering and Architecture,China Three Gorges University,Yichang 443002,China
high liquid limit red clay weathered sand shear strength California bearing ratio unconfined compressive strength modulus of resilience shrinkage characteristics
In view of that the high liquid limit red clay has the shrinkage,the compactibility,the poor water stability and other adverse natures,its shear strength,California bearing ratio(CBR),unconfined compressive strength and rebound modulus are studied under the different ratios of weathered sand,and the internal friction angle,the CBR value,the unconfined compressive strength and the modulus of resilience are obtained.The results show that,after adding the weathered sand,the red clay's CBR value,the resilient modulus and the internal friction angle increase,and its shear strength,unconfined compressive strength and cohesion decrease.The effect of adding sanding on the internal friction angle of the red clay is less than that on the cohesion.The shear strength index changes with the sand ratio,and the change of the shear strength index within 0% ~ 10% sand ratio is smaller and it reaches the maximum when the sand ratio is 40% ~ 50%.After adding sand,the unconfined compressive strength average value and the presentative value of the improved soil decrease,and their change trends with the mixed sand ratio is the same.The compressive strength values decrease greatly with the sand ratio from 0% to 40% and slowly with the sand ratio more than 40%.The CBR value and the elasticity modulus of the improved soil change in the same trend with the sand ratio.When the sand ratio increases from 0% to 10%,the increase of the CBR and the resilient modulus is smaller.When the sand ratio increases from 10% to 30%,the increase of the CBR and the resilient modulus reaches maximum.When the sand ratio is greater than 30%,the increase trend of the CBR and the resilient modulus gradually flattens.Incorporation of the weathered sand can effectively reduce the liquid limit of the red clay,the plasticity index and the shrinkage characteristics.When the weathered sand ratio is more than 10%,the expansion and contraction of the total rate of the red clay is less than 0.7%,reaching the the subgrade standards.The 30% sand ratio is the best for all the strength index.


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