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2-D irregular polygon nesting with shaking bottle strategy


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2-D irregular polygon nesting with shaking bottle strategy
Luo Lihong12Feng Kaiping2Ye Jiawei2
1.Digital Media Department,Guangdong University of Technology,Guangzhou 510006,China; 2.School of Civil and Transportation Engineering,South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510641,China
nesting irregular polygons simulated annealing overlap testing
The strategy of“shaking bottle”is presented to overcome the inadequacy of the strategy based on sequence in the 2-D nesting problem.Based on the image and color histogram,a new method for overlap testing,outside testing and estimating is put forward.Two measures are used to improve the simulated annealing(SA)algorithm:the dynamic neighborhood dimension and the parallel annealing.The dynamic annealing makes SA be used for the shaking bottle strategy,and overcomes the contradiction between precision and time in the discrete methods of polygon overlap testing.The parallel annealing speeds up the nesting velocity further.Experiments and comparison prove that the dynamic neighborhood and the parallel annealing algorithm are effective and can be used for engineering application.Complexity of the algorithm is analyzed and the reason why the nesting time is shorten is analysed theoretically.


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